• R & D efforts
  • Cost Reduction
  • Quality

Our basic attitude is described in the expression “Customer’s Satisfaction First”, the same as our Japanese mother company Dai-Ichi Kogyo Seiyaku Co., Ltd. (DKS). We are aiming to create high quality chemical products that are harmonious with nature. PT. Dai-Ichi Kimia Raya (DKR) has been having constant activities concerning chemical products such as research, development, production and sales, mainly chemicals used in textile processing industry.

With our strong teamwork, with experienced Japanese staff in its center, and with our mottoes we hope to contribute to technical improvement and competitiveness enhancement of the textile industry of Indonesia. Also, our plant is designed and maintained in an attempt to make it in harmony with the beautiful nature of Indonesia.

Research & Development

With qualified technical staff including Japanese and advanced research equipment, we are working with our primary goals such as development of various products which meet our customer’s needs and providing prompt technical services.

So far, we have created many products developed especially to be used in Indonesia, for example, products compatible with the hard industrial water in Indonesia.

Production System

Under the technical advice by DKS (Japan), that has more than 90 years of experience in research and development of chemicals, we are perfectly installed with a production system of stable and high quality products and manufacturing without delay.

Plant facilities are controlled by the most advanced controlling system and 5S activities suitable for production of various fine chemicals including surfactant, and designed to be flexibly applicable for producing a wide range of products.

Sales System

Dual sales system: Direct sales from PT. Dai-Ichi Kimia Raya (DKR) to customers, and through authorized sales agents supported by experienced sales staffs and a reliable technical team to support customer needs.

We put the greatest importance on communications with our customers, aiming to identify and keep up on various needs, and are establishing a reliable delivery system.